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As mentioned previously, it is very easy for Pisceans to get trapped in a failed relationship due to an unwillingness to hurt feelings by moving on. You and your Piscean partner may not always agree, but so long as you are invested in forging a middle ground as opposed to dreaming of one, you will do just fine. Pisces men and women do not do short-term, meaningless relationships so if you have made it this far, the outlook is good. Romance and passion will be abundant as both Pisces women and men give and receive it from each other in excess.

There will never be a worry about a lack of emotional connection during sex, as you share the same underlying needs. Initiation may be an issue, as Pisceans long to be led and wooed by their partners regardless of gender. Overall, this match can go very smoothly when both partners communicate, or it can go poorly when problems are allowed to fester in silence. Pisceans perform very well in both individual assignments and group situations. The innate helpfulness of Pisces men and women is felt and loved by all co-workers.

Supervisory positions are unlikely to be in his or her future, but that is more due to lack of desire for the responsibility than anything else. Pisces is very susceptible to being overworked, so it can be helpful to have a fellow fish nearby to point out when you are doing too much.

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In general, two Pisceans will have little to no trouble working together provided they stay focused on the task at hand. Left to their own devices, they may be far more leisurely than their boss intended. Pisces men and women in a relationship together usually have a positive result. However, you must be aware that your weaknesses are effectively doubled, and the lack of emotional stability in your partner can be problematic. The shared empathy is a boon, as only a fellow Pisces can truly understand what it is like to be so emotionally vulnerable.

As you both long to be drowned in romance, you stand a good chance of getting your wish but taking the first step is hard. In this match, finding a leader as key as without one nothing will ever get done. Work on bringing your verbal communication up to par with your emotional cues and all will be smooth sailing. Talk to a love and relationship psychic for additional insights about the compatibility of a Pisces partnership. Psychic Readings. All Horoscopes. All Articles.

Pisces Man

Life Questions. Tarot Readers. Spiritual Readings. Cardinal air Libra and mutable water Pisces are different, yet they share many traits. If they adapt to their differences, they can love one another very well and may even be soulmates. When it comes to love, no one approaches with the same commitment and intention as a Libra. Ruled by Venus , the Goddess of Love, a Libra woman wears her romantic heart on her sleeve, seeking the perfect soulmate with every beat of her heart.

Until she finds him, she is unfinished, not real to herself, a mere reflection. Ultimately, though, any love she finds 'out there' can only serve as a prosthetic for the hole in her own heart. Libra often directs her need for love toward social justice, fighting for fairness, and equality. She loves beauty and harmony; she is beautiful inside and out though that is hard for her to know without the mirror of another's admiration. Her famous vanity is born of insecurity, depending on her beloved to let her know she is beautiful and lovable. When she is insecure, she tends to play mind games with her mate and test his love to the detriment of the relationship.

Her growth depends on her solar opposite Earth sign , Aries, which challenges her to stand up for herself to put her own needs first at least sometimes. No one is happier alone than the Pisces man.

Pisces Woman Pisces Man Compatibility

He needs a lot of time by himself to separate his own perceptions and feelings from those of others. Highly sensitive to emotions, the Neptune -ruled Pisces man escapes whenever life becomes 'too much. The immature Pisces man seeks oblivion through substance abuse or other addictions.

A Pisces may be drawn to social media because it helps him feel connected without having to be around people, or he may be repelled by the soullessness of modern technology. But once together, they will realize that they have a lot in common. They both prefer to spend time in each other's company in a cozy home than going out in the company of friends. Another common thing is that they both take a lot of time in making decisions because of their cautious nature. When in a relationship also, they will take things slowly and carefully, strengthening their bond in the process. The Pisces woman is quite emotional, but the Capricorn man shows immense patience to make her come to terms with her emotions.

Sex for them comes much later in the relationship, only once they are sure about their feelings for each other. While in bed, the Capricorn man likes to dominate, and the Pisces woman readily surrenders. The Capricorn man will have to keep trying hard to deal with her emotional upheavals and need to understand that even though she at times seems unattached during sex on bed, she is only devoted to him. They both have a harmonious relationship as both of them remain loyal to each other. Because they are so dedicated to each other, they will each balance each other's weaknesses.

When it comes to household responsibilities, the Pisces woman does not care much but to balance this part; the Capricorn man readily takes the lead.

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The Pisces woman makes her man realize his dreams and drives him to work hard to fulfill them. Are any of you Capricorn?! Is this true or false? A post shared by Magnetic Match Inc. Let us read about the major negativities in their relationship. The Capricorn man is grounded and steady while the Pisces woman is dreamy and lives in a fantasy world. He cares little about such frivolous things, and it is here where the conflicts arise.

The Capricorn man is comfortable in his tried and tested methods in bed, and the Pisces woman will get eventually bored with his repeated ways in bed. They both need to come to a mutual agreement on these zones. Relationships are all about give and take. If the Capricorn man adjusts his ways a little and loosens up a bit she will be happy. If the Pisces woman comes back to ground from the skies, she will make him happy. They will both have to compromise a bit and do things for each other a bit to stay happy. When they have fights or intense circumstances, the Capricorn man can get very rude and harsh with her while the Pisces woman will hide in her emotional turmoil.

To avoid such scenarios, the Capricorn man needs to control his sharp tongue, and cruel ways and the Pisces woman needs to stand up for herself. But if the Capricorn man teaches her to take the initiative and the Pisces woman calms him down, then they both can gel beautifully. We now come to the main part of the article.

The Capricorn man and the Pisces woman are like two soulmates. They will have an excellent relationship, marriage and love compatibility with each other. They do not match on the emotional quotient, but they both balance it beautifully. These emotional differences can sometimes get very bad and disturbing between them. Although the similarities in their attitudes gets them together in the first place, it is their differences and the mutual respect that they share for each other that makes their attraction long lasting. The Capricorn man is focussed while the Pisces woman is dreamy.

She is empathetic while he has a cool nature. When in a relationship, they complement each other perfectly just like two soulmates. What one lacks, the other fulfills. Theirs is an ideal match between a strong and a gentle person. Despite a plethora of differences, they get along well because each complements the other. All they need is to give each other some time and patience to learn the weaknesses of each other and together they can easily pave a way out to work out their negligible differences.

I had every intention of traveling alone and getting lost in the world. Then Zach came along 24 hours into my journey.

Pisces Man and Cancer Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

My first stop was in Massachusetts to visit my best friend and that's where I met Zach. We were at a mutual friend's house party. Later that evening, we shared our first kiss and the next morning Zach told me he wanted to come with me. So after only 24 hours of being together, we made the decision to travel the world together. He quit his job and booked a plane ticket to Paris to join me on this adventure.

The Traits of the Two Signs

It might sound crazy but isn't that what life is all about?